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DATA FROG 4K HD Video Game

  Certification: None Plug Type: EU Plug Package: Yes Type:: HD Video Game Console Games:: Built-in 568 Classic Games Funtion 1: Support HD Output Video Game

DATA FROG Mini 620 Retro Video Games

  Certification: None Plug Type: EU Plug Package: Yes Model: Video Game Console Type: AV out out Games: 620 in 1 game card Game Type: 8 Bit

DATA FROG Retro Video Game

  Certification: None Package: Yes D Video Game Console Supports For PS1 Open Linux source code system, with 32GB / 64GB card,

Data Frog TV Video Game

  Certification: CE Plug Type: EU Plug Package: Yes Type: Video game console Upgrade function 1: Built-in 1700 NES Games Upgrade function 2: Support download game

Mini TV Game

  Certification: None Color Display: Yes Display Size: No Touch Screen: No Package: Yes Communication: USB Plug Types: EU, US, UK Game Type: Action Game Game Version: Simplified Version

Newest Built-in 10,000 games,

  Certification: CE Package: Yes     Description: High speed USB 2.0 port, synch in seconds with the latest in USB upload

Portable 4K TV Video Game

  Certification: None Color Display: Yes Touch Screen: No Package: Yes Communication: bluetooth Built-in games: 3000 games/10000 games download games: Support game expansion Support game format: CPS/FC/GBA/GB/GBC/MD/SFC/PS1/ATARI Output

Q90 Retro Handheld Game Player

  Certification: None Color Display: Yes Display Size: Other Touch Screen: No Package: Yes Communication: USB Classic Retro 3.0 inch IPS Screen Handheld Mini Portable Game

Retro Portable Mini Handheld Video Game

  Certification: None Color Display: Yes Display Size: 3.0″ Touch Screen: No Package: No Feature: consolas de videojuegos Type: video game consoles Compatible: handheld game console for TV

RG350P Retro game Upgrade version

  Certification: CE Color Display: Yes Display Size: 3.5 Touch Screen: No Package: Yes Communication: USB Color: Black orange/Black transparent CPU: 4770 dual 1.0 GHz Battery: Li-polymer 2500 mAh