Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and their answers

Are you a store or a marketplace?

Welcome to Earth Joys Bazaar!  We love friends – you can be our friend by clicking ‘become a seller’ buton.

What's your shipping and return policy?

Shipping and return depends on the seller.

What's your buyer protection policy?

We hold the buyer’s money until a purchase has been fulfilled.  Then the money is released to the seller.

What if I have a dispute with a seller?

We’ll personally investigate the case and your money will get returned after its review.

What about scammers?

All our sellers are verified before making a sale. Also buyer protection is in practice to save the consumer’s interest.

I went outside of your system, and now I'm having a dispute with the seller. Can you help me?

If you go outside of our system, we can’t help you after that point.  Sorry.  Please keep all purchases inside of EJB’s payment system so we can help you if need be.

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